Bainbridge Island: May 2015

Travelling to Seattle? If you haven’t made the trip to Bainbridge Island yet, you should! It’s the best way to get a break from the bustle of downtown, and feel that ocean breeze in your hair. Okay, its more like a strong ferry wind, but you get the idea. Not only is Bainbridge Island beautifully scenic in it’s own right, the downtown Seattle views one gets to enjoy on the trip to the island and back are something not to be missed.


 photo fbd07cee-34f6-46c6-b771-b5d4223e7513_zpsgjpbbh6y.jpg

Who doesn’t love a ferry ride? With easy access from downtown Seattle, and the extremely affordable one way ticket (return trip is free for walk on passengers) there is no reason NOT to make the trip out to Bainbridge Island. The ferry trip is under 40 minutes and trust me, that goes by almost too quickly – you won’t know which side of the boat to stand on with these consistently stunning panoramic views. Good thing you get a trip back to take advantage of anything you missed the first time around!

 photo IMG_8922_zpswvu84oid.jpg

Once you arrive on the island there are plenty of things to do! Many restaurants and cute shops line the Main Street, and are scattered across the Island. It is the perfect destination to escape to for a few hours, or even a few days. But hey, don’t take my word for it, check out the comprehensive website and see for yourself everything that Bainbridge Island has to offer.

 photo IMG_8928_zpsypt2tmkh.jpg

 photo IMG_8932_zpsyi4cmc0h.jpg

CLICK for more pictures from our trip to Bainbridge Island.


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