Music Monday

tracks I can’t stop listening to

in the order they appear in my go to Spotify playlist:






I got to see LANY live almost two weeks ago (10/10 would recommend) and haven’t stopped listening to them almost constantly since then … so I guess that’s why they appear on here twice ;). ‘Good Girls‘ is their brand new single track from their forthcoming debut album, and ‘4EVER!‘ from their first EP, one of my absolute favourites of theirs, just an absolute feel good song that I can’t help but groove out to – even on the train. PS if you like The 1975 you should definitely check out LANY, kind of in between the two The 1975 sounds, but with a California sound rather than British. 

Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu from The Maine I can use no word short of obsessed. Whether you’ve always been a The Maine fan, or you’re fairly new in your extreme like of them (as am I) this is an absolute smash – I can’t help but thrash and lip sync my heart out – relatable? I don’t know. PS I hustled like I never have to get a ticket to their sold out show this weekend and I AM SO EXCITED.

Slide by Calvin Harris; I don’t listen to the radio, but I find it safe to assume that this song pops up quite often by now? I’ve listened to this song since it was first released (thank you Spotify) and it may or may not have been stuck in my head 40% of my life since then. Not my usual style of music per say, but DAMN it’s catchy.

Small Town Boy by Dustin Lynch – if you don’t like country, move along because you sure won’t like this. However myself, when I discovered it on new releases (thanks again Spotify) I went on to listen to it on repeat for no word of a lie, over an hour. I’ve always loved Lynch’s voice and all around it’s just a classic feel good country song, reminding me of summer and home :).

DISCLAIMER: *meant to post this last Monday, but it’s honestly the same with the addition of the last* aka I don’t switch it up to often.


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