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I got to see LANY live almost two weeks ago (10/10 would recommend) and haven’t stopped listening to them almost constantly since then … so I guess that’s why they appear on here twice ;). ‘Good Girls‘ is their brand new single track from their forthcoming debut album, and ‘4EVER!‘ from their first EP, one of my absolute favourites of theirs, just an absolute feel good song that I can’t help but groove out to – even on the train. PS if you like The 1975 you should definitely check out LANY, kind of in between the two The 1975 sounds, but with a California sound rather than British. 

Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu from The Maine I can use no word short of obsessed. Whether you’ve always been a The Maine fan, or you’re fairly new in your extreme like of them (as am I) this is an absolute smash – I can’t help but thrash and lip sync my heart out – relatable? I don’t know. PS I hustled like I never have to get a ticket to their sold out show this weekend and I AM SO EXCITED.

Slide by Calvin Harris; I don’t listen to the radio, but I find it safe to assume that this song pops up quite often by now? I’ve listened to this song since it was first released (thank you Spotify) and it may or may not have been stuck in my head 40% of my life since then. Not my usual style of music per say, but DAMN it’s catchy.

Small Town Boy by Dustin Lynch – if you don’t like country, move along because you sure won’t like this. However myself, when I discovered it on new releases (thanks again Spotify) I went on to listen to it on repeat for no word of a lie, over an hour. I’ve always loved Lynch’s voice and all around it’s just a classic feel good country song, reminding me of summer and home :).

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Bainbridge Island Gallery

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Collection of photos from our day trip from Seattle to Bainbridge Island in May 2015. Make sure to check out my full post on Bainbridge Island.

all photos by Cara Rutledge with a Canon Rebel T3i

Bainbridge Island: May 2015

Travelling to Seattle? If you haven’t made the trip to Bainbridge Island yet, you should! It’s the best way to get a break from the bustle of downtown, and feel that ocean breeze in your hair. Okay, its more like a strong ferry wind, but you get the idea. Not only is Bainbridge Island beautifully scenic in it’s own right, the downtown Seattle views one gets to enjoy on the trip to the island and back are something not to be missed.


 photo fbd07cee-34f6-46c6-b771-b5d4223e7513_zpsgjpbbh6y.jpg

Who doesn’t love a ferry ride? With easy access from downtown Seattle, and the extremely affordable one way ticket (return trip is free for walk on passengers) there is no reason NOT to make the trip out to Bainbridge Island. The ferry trip is under 40 minutes and trust me, that goes by almost too quickly – you won’t know which side of the boat to stand on with these consistently stunning panoramic views. Good thing you get a trip back to take advantage of anything you missed the first time around!

 photo IMG_8922_zpswvu84oid.jpg

Once you arrive on the island there are plenty of things to do! Many restaurants and cute shops line the Main Street, and are scattered across the Island. It is the perfect destination to escape to for a few hours, or even a few days. But hey, don’t take my word for it, check out the comprehensive website and see for yourself everything that Bainbridge Island has to offer.

 photo IMG_8928_zpsypt2tmkh.jpg

 photo IMG_8932_zpsyi4cmc0h.jpg

CLICK for more pictures from our trip to Bainbridge Island.

Easy Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas! (that will actually be used;)

Last Minute Christmas Present Ideas



Well we are officially less than a week away from Christmas! Still have some girls to shop for on your list? I’ve got you covered! Here are some quick, easy, sure-to-be-used, present ideas!


1. Some fabulous candles. You CANNOT go wrong with candles!
HIGH: Diptyque Scented Candle (Nordstrom $46-$87 CAD)

LOW: Voluspa Candle (Nordstrom, Chapters/Indigo $11-$40 CAD)

Diptyque Candles are always so classic and minimalistic in design, that they look perfect in any spot. Voluspa Candle’s are definitely a more price conscience option, yet also great candles – and you certainly get more bang for your buck size wise. There are so many amazing scents, and all of their packages are stunning. As well, there are many sizes to choose from. A great option if you are unsure of what scent or packaging the gift receiver would like most, mix and match and grab a few of the small sized candles!

2. Headphones/Earbuds. Because well, everyone needs those!
HIGH: Beats by Dr. Dre Solo 2 HD High Definition On-Ear Headphones with Mic/Remote (Various stores $220 CAD, Solo2 Wireless $330 CAD)
LOW: Urbeats Earbuds (Various Stores $99 CAD)

The sound quality of Beats is simply magnificent. You haven’t listened to music until you’ve heard it through some Beats – I’m just saying. Obviously there are some cheaper options out there, but honestly, quality wise these really aren’t that costly when taken into perspective.

3. Fruit Diffuser Water Bottle
Various locations, various prices.

These are super handy! Everyone has to drink water, so fancy or unique water bottles are great gifts that you know will be used! These fruit diffuser water bottles are an excellent way to spice up normal water, while also getting some vitamins and benefits from the fruit themselves. Oh, and some delicious flavour of course!

4. Arthur George Socks
Nordstrom $22-$26 CAD shopdashonline $20-$22 CAD

Trust me, I’m not usually a sock person. I take socks off as soon as I take off my shoes. However, Arthur George socks I have worn around the house and even to bed because they are just SO DAMN COMFY. With arch support, and the cushioned stretch knit cotton, these are not your average ol’ run-of-the-mill boring Christmas present socks. In addition, there are so many fun and unique designs and sayings on the socks that are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

5. Faux Fur Throw Blanket
Indigo $80 (or $25 with purchase over $60 in store) and various other furniture/home stores

These throw blankets are very classy looking, not to mention warm and cozy for those cold winter days. They immediately dress up any couch, chair, or bed – an instant hit.

6. Body Créme/Butter
HIGH: Jo Malone London Amber & Lavender Body Crème (Holt Renfrew $90 CAD, Nordstrom $110CAD)
LOW: The Body Shop Body Butter ($10 sale – $21 CAD)

The winter is dry and miserable, so the gift of something soothing for the skin is ALWAYS appreciated! Jo Malone is known for it’s luxurious products, and it’s specialized ingredients. Also for the Holidays these products are presented in a signature box tied with a ribbon – one less job for you!
Body Butter from The Body Shop is a classic favourite of many, and much more cost friendly compared to Jo Malone. It would make a great stocking stuffer as well!


I hope this gift guide helps with some quick and easy last minute purchased that may need to be made for that special lady in your life.


*prices and locations may vary.